I grew up in Texas and I studied at the Art Institute of Dallas. In my twenties my Iife lead me to the beautiful state of North Carolina and I started working on my art and my interior design business. I also lived in Miami Beach for several years and was a student of the well renowned artist Pablo Contrisciani at the Art Center/South Florida. In Miami I was influnced by the energy, coulture, color, light and of course the ocean. This was a great experince and I learned a great deal. In 2007 my love for the Blue Ridge mountains came calling and I moved back to North Carolina. I was lucky to have studied with Andy Braitman and the late Jim Crompton who are highly respected High Country artist and teachers in N.C. I found my niche with modern/rustic elements in my art and interior design.

Throughout my childhood I was always drawing, doodling and playing with Legos. Color and abstract shapes always fascinated me. Wether It was a piece of fabric or a cool rock I had picked up from outside I was always curious. I believe that being such a tactile person gave me a foundation that inspired me to start creating art and start thinking outside the box.

The past 28 years I have been very lucky to have traveled to all 7 continents and I now spend the majority of my time between the Blue Ridge mountains, NC. and Greensboro, NC, where I currently reside. My travels have giving me a different perspective on life and through these experiences has allowed me to grow as an artist and interior designer. I have been able to incorporate much of what I've seen over these years in my work. 

Change, Change, Change, I love it and it's inside me and it's a " High " like know other. Texture, shapes and color are a language that conjure up feelings and emotions that make me happy and my clients happy too. I hope to convey either through my art or my interior design, that each piece or project will speak for itself. 


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