Cody HarrellCody Harrell was born in 1965 and lived in Dallas, TX for most of his childhood and early adulthood. He studied at the Art Institute of Dallas and also was a student of the well renowned artist Pablo Contrisciani at the Art Center/South Florida. He also studied  with Jim Crompton & Andy Braitman who are highly respected High Country artist and teachers in N.C.

Throughout his childhood he was always fascinated with color and abstract shapes. It was this fascination that inspired him to create art. He was looking for a language that he could express himself and found that shapes could easily represent feelings and emotions. In combining color and shapes he found a way in which one can communicate in a wonderful fashion. Over the years he began working with textures to intensify this form of communication and as a result of these combinations he has been developing a series of works that seem to speak for themselves as people analyze his art.

He decided to expand his talent by working with interior designer Mark Darnell of High Point, N.C. learning to master faux-finish techniques and specialized in color consultation. As a result of this experience he started his own successful interior design business in Miami, Fl. .

The past 15 years have carried him to all 7 continents and now spending the majority of his time between South Beach, Fl, Greensboro, NC, and Banner Elk, NC where he currently resides. This travel experience has allowed him to grow as an artist and he has been able to incorporate much of what he has seen over these years in his works. He has witnessed color intensities that are not found in other parts of the world due to climate conditions and environmental situations that allow him to paint with extremely vivid color and texture. It is through this channel that he can share his experiences with others.